Another New Dance Band Album Posted!

Odyssey-FrontHere’s another one that I put off posting because I didn’t know anything about the recording that Ron Youngs provided me a long time go.  But I was able to ID enough of the tracks so that Bob Coulon could recognize the album, “Odyssey,” and provide me not just with a track listing, but images of the front and back covers as well.

Many thanks to both Ron Youngs, without whom there would be no recordings at all, for providing the digital files for this album and for Bob Coulon who graciously provided the album art which enabled the identification of the tracks.




New Dance Band Album Posted!!

Greetings from a long-silent  I hope that all are doing well.

I’m delighted to post an album purchased and provided by David Haught, class of 79.  Dave gave me this at a secret dead drop (it was really Bob Evans) last week (it was really last year — like a LONG time ago) and I digitized the record right away.  (That part’s true.)

Thanks, Dave, for giving us our first Dance Band album, “Taps at Reveille!”

And thanks to you all for your patience.


New Concert Added and An Updated One

There’s been one new concert added to the site and one update.

BandCrestThe new concert is the Fall 1973 concert.  It features Cadets Wesley A Cramer & Joseph A. Gigliotti as Soloists on Lo! Hear the Gentle Lark and includes Victory at Sea.

One note:  Cut 8, Fiddler on the Roof has a rather serious drop out in the middle of the track.  It must have been on the master tape as the two copies of the tape in my possession have exactly the same flaw.

For the 1972 Second Spring Concert, a cut of Orpheus in the Underworld has been added.  I was trying to find a good copy of it and found one on Randy Jenkins‘s tape.  Thanks, Randy!  ‘Preciate that a lot!

I still have one concert, a few records and a half dozen odds and ends to get through but I THINK at this point everything is in the computer at this point.  I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for your patience!  And thanks especially for your contributions!


New Concerts Added!

BandSirSquareI’ve added three concerts to the library.  They are all three from the 1970 – 1971 academic year.

Many thanks to Randy Jenkins, one helluva French Horn player for providing the tapes for these three and to Skip Mahler for being so kind as to coordinate getting the tapes to me for digitizing and posting.

I wasn’t able to identify all of the titles of the music in these recordings.  What I knew I added.  I’m asking you to help fill in the blanks.  If you know the title, shoot me an email and I’ll update it.  Other than the academic year, I don’t know the dates that these concerts occurred.  Let me know if you know which one was the winter concert, spring concert, etc.

Here are the links!  Enjoy!


1970 VFMA Band Concert #1

1970 VFMA Band Concert #2

1970 VFMA Band Concert #3