Playlist Errors Should Be Resolved

oopsI got a report from Dan Witter that the audio files were inaccessible. In digging around the system, I believe I found a setting which may have been preventing the built-in audio playlist app from working.

I think I got it resolved, but if not, let me know.  And please let me know when you find errors on the site and I’ll correct them as I am able.

Thanks, Dan Witter, and thanks to you all!

Dan Wolfe Is Now Secured with HTTPS!

Sorry for all the ups and downs tonight.  I moved BandSir over to a different server so that I could secure it.  Now when you check your browser, you’ll see that it’s secured from my server to yours.

Thanks for your patience!



Yet ANOTHER New Dance Band Album Posted!

AllIsWellFront“All Is Well” is from 1974 and if memory serves, this is the last of the Dance Band records recorded.  I don’t recall whether there were more recorded in ’75 or ’76.  I’m sure one of y’all will let me know.

Anyway, many thanks as always to the contributors, in this case, Jeff Tobin, ’74, ’76 JC for providing me with an unopened copy of the album.




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The Man Who REALLY Made This Website Possible

Hint:  It’s not me, though I had something to do with it. Another hint:  It’s not Duke, though he had quite a lot to do with it. Last hint:  It’s not the Band.  (Besides, I said “man” singular so the Band as a group is out.)  But yeah, the Band had a little something to do with it, too. Who’s the real hero?  It’s this guy right here:   I knew him as both a captain and a major, but Ron Youngs is really the guy to thank.  He recorded every concert, every record and every other audio-worthy event during … Get your chin in and keep reading…

Yes, It’s a Different Look…

… because I updated the software that controls the appearance of the site today.  Unfortunately, it was not a smooth transition, but everything seems to be back where it belongs even if the colors aren’t a match with what they were. Should you find something that’s not working the way it ought to work or your old, tired eyes are having trouble reading the site, please let me know as I am going to try to make a pleasing experience for the eyes as well as the ears. Thanks in advance! Dan