Server Upgrade Complete

BandCrestGood morning!

The server upgrade is all done with double the memory and double the processor cores available to the site.  You may not notice much of a difference, but when it comes to site administration, it’s a whole lot more responsive.

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BandSir Will Be Unavailable During Server Upgrade

BandCrestGood day to you all! will be going down in the next day or so for a server hardware upgrade. We hope to be back within a couple of hours from the time the outage begins.

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List of Band Captains and Drum Majors — Need Your Help, Bandies

BandCrestI’ve been trying to locate a list of all the Band Captains and Drum Majors and so far, have failed to locate a full list. Bill McKibbin was kind enough to send me a pretty extensive list, but it’s not complete.

At the link immediately below is a Google Sheets spreadsheet with places for the names by year.

Add Information to the Band Captain/Drum Major List

Since y’all are clever gentlemen, if you would at your convenience enter the data you know into the spreadsheet we can compile this list pretty quickly. Please enter the first and last name of the person in the appropriate spot.

I figure that in a few weeks, we’ll have it all. I’ll add the information that Bill McKibbin provided when I have the opportunity, but it’s liable to take me a bit as I have some travel this weekend.

Thanks in advance!

Dan Wolfe

74 & 76 JC

Another New Dance Band Album, “Quiet Country,” Posted

One thing I really enjoy when doing these is seeing the names and autographs of the musicians on the record.  I heard a lot of these names spoken in reverence when I was a plebe.  After hearing a number of these records and seeing the familiar names, I now know why. These are tremendous musicians. Make sure and check out the back jackets on this and all the record albums that have ’em. Once again, many thanks to Bruce Daggett, ’67 & ’69 JC, for providing the digital files and artwork for the 1970 Dance Band album “Quiet Country.” Join … Get your chin in and keep reading…

Another New Dance Band Album Posted – This Time Recorded Live!

Once again, many thanks to Bruce Daggett, ’67 & ’69 JC, for providing the digital files and artwork for the 1969 Dance Band album “Dutch Treat.” This one appears to have been recorded live at someplace called “The Garden Spot.”  Could some of you fine Bandsmen — and the other Bandsmen, too — fill me in on this place?  Never heard of it during my time there. Join me in thanking Bruce again today by commenting below. I’m going to try to clean out the rest of the rather substantial backlog over the next few weeks. Stay tuned! Enjoy! Dan … Get your chin in and keep reading…