1969-1970 — 3 Comments

  1. I have been trying many times to get concert recordings from 1960 and 61. I am really interested in hearing Ed Gloss play the Trumpeters Lullaby or Ode to Trumpet. I lost my record album some years back due to moving. He was fantastic and often wondered what became of him. Basically a hometown boy from Allentown near to my town. George Moyer 60 JC

    • I have the RCA Custom processed and pressed album you’ve been searching for. It is called “Command Performance” and has the “Ode to Trumpet” with Edgar R. Gloss as soloist. I knew him as I was a JC cadet the same time he was there. I don’t know what ever happened to him. COL Infortuna thought he was just great on the trumpet (as he played himself) and I thought s, too. Let me know if this is it and what I need to do so you can hear it. Matt

  2. Was in the Choir 66-68 and was always looking forward for a chance to sing with the Band, at different concert venues. Best one for me was, our performance, at Lincoln Center. Had to stop singing and just keep my mouth going sometimes to take in what was happening behind me. What a THRILL!!! Would love to get that recording

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