These have been digitized by Daniel J. Witter, Ph. D., and VFMA Band Alumnus. Thank you!


From Dan Witter:  “… the first 7 cuts were from a Fall concert 1969. This may have been the first concert that Captain Youngs recorded of the concert band. He helped John Hoffman and Bruce Daggett with recordings of the Jazz Band starting in 1968 (I think) but recording concert band performances wasn’t customary prior to 1969 and Captain Young’s initiative.”

Thank you so much, Dan Witter, for bringing these concert recordings and those of the broadcast from the Academy of Music!

And thanks to Jim Hurst for correcting an error in the first title.   — DJW, 28 February 2020


1969-1970 Fall Concert — 4 Comments

  1. Dan, Thanks so much. Superb. I’ve got the VF 1970 vinyl recording not on the site, yet, should you like to add it. Quality is quite sufficient, I think , subject to your opinion. Subject to your opinion. Warm regards. Dan Witter (

  2. Thanks Dan. This gives any listeners what VFMA band was like; an superb ensemble led by an extraordinary conductor.

  3. I am really interested in finding or getting a copy of the several albums produced around 1960. A band member class mate, Ed Gloss, played “Trumpeters Lullaby”, and it is great. I had the albums way back than but they have disappeared during several movings. Can anybody provide a copy for me? Thank you George Moyer 60 JC

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