From Dan Witter:  “Track [1] is the announcer’s intro to the live radio broadcast of the Philly Orchestra & VF performance of 1812 on Jan 27, 1970 (I think was the exact date); 70th anniversary of the orchestra and Ormandy’s 70th birthday. As I recall, President Nixon attended the performance. And Track [2] is the actual performance.”

Thank you so much, Dan Witter, for bringing these concert recordings and those of the broadcast from the Academy of Music!


January 1970 – Performance with the Philadelphia Orchestra — 5 Comments

    • Greg Slick,

      didn’t know you were still alive.
      send me an email….
      love to chat…

      Dan Caughey
      PO Box 1712
      Mill Valley CA 94942
      415 595 2118

  1. Dan
    Great transition to new software…thanks so much…though I noticed one can’t get to Philly Orchestra sound files…am I correct?

    Thanks much for all your efforts….perhaps my new software with Bill Gates’ Windows 10 “features”

    Dan Witter

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