Original Tapes Courtesy of Randy Jenkins


1970-1971 Concert #3 — 3 Comments

  1. Copying over Dan Witter’s comment from another page. It correctly belongs here. — djw

    “Dan, this track 5, concert 3, 70-71 is a cornet-round that would be called at VF football games!! I distinctly Tim Erdman calling for it occasionally (we didn’t want to repeat too often)–Erdman, Hoffman, Detweiler?) , and the entire Corps and opposing side would go quiet when they heard the incredible sound. VF played some enormous civvy high schools in those days, and they were completely awed by the music they heard from the VF sidelines. Wonderful that it’d show up on a VF recording! Interestingly, Duke wouldn’t sit with us at football games, I suppose trusting we’d make right choices; a dangerous proposition.”

    • Dan, When I mentioned Duke wouldn’t sit with us during football games, he sat with tactical staff to the left of the band in covered seating (don’t know compass direction). But if we erred during a football game on Saturday, Duke would start on Monday morning with Jerry Maynard (band captain)by shouting down the 1st corridor, “Maaaaaaa-nard!” If no response, it was, “Wit-taaaaaaah” (I was exec). Of course, if I was in barracks, I’d sprint to Duke’s office (I still remember his pipe tobacco.) I assume if Jerry as band captain and I as exec was missing, it was, “Miiisssseter Riiiiice” (Steve Rice) as 3rd officer in the Band. Poor Steve. Don’t know he grief he absorbed for the whole unit. What an ensemble; what a conductor and mentor.

  2. Copying over Richard Denmon’s comment from another page. It correctly belongs here. — djw

    “1970 # 3 on track #9 Finale from “New World Symphony”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8iA3gK0bl4

    It was my opening number of my field show in marching band!”

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