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1970 Early Spring Concert Posted — 2 Comments

  1. On a thoroughly windy, rainy and ugly day here in Central PA, I’m thankful to be able to listen to my copy of the “Martial Moments” album. Noted on my copy in ink is the year 1965. Reading the first Paragraph on the back of the Album Cover: “The VFMA Band proudly presents “Martial Moments”, the eighth high fidelity recording in a series designed to appeal, etc……”.
    So, are we still missing 7 other albums prior to this one? Inquiring minds are yearning to know. 😃

  2. I believe we are. A couple people have offered other albums, but I’m not certain if any of them were earlier or not. If anyone has them, I’m happy to digitize them and return them toute de suite. In fact, I have a few that belong to Ron Youngs that I need to get in the mail.

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