Cadets Wesley A Cramer & Joseph A. Gigliotti,
Soloists, Lo! Hear the Gentle Lark


1973-1974 Fall Concert — 2 Comments

  1. Just listened to the entire ’73 fall concert.
    Truly! The Philadelphia Orchestra of military bands! Even better than when I was playing.

  2. Dan, this is a fabulous remembrance, with Vet’s Day approaching (today, 10-25-16). I must say, I recently performed this with an accomplished symphony….and it’s tough to replace a band with a full symphony, That said, about the same time, I performed with the local community band, and folks really enjoyed it and were moved by it, with many vets in audience with obvious tears in their eyes. Who am I to argue? And the VF band performance was presented here was far beyond the performance level of the local ensemble. Thanks so much for your commitment to documenting this legacy.

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