Many thanks to Dr. Rick Forno, ’90 & ’92C, not a Bandie, but a great supporter of the Band for as long as I can remember. He provided this long video of a 1991 Thanksgiving Tattoo. Here’s what Rick tells me about this video. (Please note that capitalizing “corpsman” was HIS decision not mine.)

“Although a CORPSMAN, even as a cadet, I always thought the band was top-notch and a great way to present the Forge to the world.  Accordingly, this CORPSMAN is offering some contributions to your archive to add some stuff from the early 1990’s.   There’s both audio (some of which you may have already) and some videos, including [this] 1991 Thanksgiving Tattoo. … The Tattoo is amusing [because] when Band enters, it’s polite golf claps, but when FM enters, the CORPSMEN, including me at the time, go absolutely nuts.  /ducks”.
              — Rick, 1LT XO H Company ’91-92, CORPSMAN   :)”

Thanks for pointing that out, Rick. And we’ll forgive you for being a corpsman just this once.

In all seriousness, thanks much for providing this to the site. Rick has provided other videos and audio tracks which I’ll be working on whilst in quarantine. (Rick’s doctorate is in cybersecurity so don’t ask me to send him any questions about COVID-19.)