Many thanks to my first old man roommate, David Rodgers, ’72 and Tim Long, ’71 JC, for preserving the memory of these two cadences. The first is the familiar drum cadence that the Band used before parades, at the Harrisburg Horse Show and other events to get the Band where they were going. The second is the stick beat. I recall playing this when the band left the parade field at the end of Sunday parades.

David and Tim both did the transcription for the drum cadence, and David performs both the cadence and the stick beat. Click on the sheet music to download a printable PDF of the sheet music.

Click to download a PDF
Valley Forge Military Academy Drum Cadence
Click to download a PDF
Valley Forge Military Academy Stick Beat


VFMA Drum Cadences — 10 Comments

  1. Lots of thought went into this, burning new pathways into old gray matter. Thank you both for your dedicated collaboration and to David for the excellent recordings. Dave, did I hear you say “Stick Memory”?

  2. Glad to get new material on the Band Sir! web site. We’re out here paying attention — or is that “Atten Hut!”

  3. Yes, great memories. As the Band Captain and Drum Major, both David and Tim were right behind me, keeping me and 54 other VF bandsmen in step. Still play periodically the music in the background at my office. Thanks for the memories.

    • A true Band Captain you were, Mr Maynard. It was indeed an honor to play in the band under your guidance and leadership.

  4. Good night. I remember Jim Bedison (in front row) playing those cadences in front of me for 3 years. I marveled at how the drummers played in unison; well, they were wonderfully accomplished. We took our bandsmen’s talents for granted, I suppose. Don’t know how Jim stood my trombone blaring in his ear for 3 yrs. Actually, don’t know how Duke stood it; he marched to the immediate right of Jim. Certainly elegant cadences, reflecting Duke’s no nonsense elegance and stride. Thank you.

  5. I appreciate the sound of drums you provided. I loved hearing the VFMA marching band during parade reviews while marching and standing at attention during 1960-1961 assembly. I would love to find a CD of the band music on parade, not so much in concert. If you have knowledge of such send it to my mailbox Thanks, Cadet Sgt. Harry Mansell (7167).

  6. This is not a comment on the VFMA Drum Cadence, although I thank you Mr Rogers for putting this altogether for those who experienced it are able to relive the memory. It was indeed and honor and a privilege to work and discuss with you the order of the cadence parts. Great job, Dave! My question is: does anyone know if cadet rooms still have open shelf lockers (you know, where you folded all your laundry around 4×6 index cards)? Also, if this practice is no longer utilized, does anyone know when it stopped? These are the questions that plague a 71 year old VF alum!! Best wishes to all for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

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