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Another New Dance Band Album, “Quiet Country,” Posted — 3 Comments

  1. Dan, I agree. A lot of the names on these older albums were names mentioned with great respect when you and I were at VF. Its great to finally hear them play. I’m also impressed with the albums from our time there. We were pretty good ourselves. Thanks for all your hard work. And thank you Bruce for the new albums.
    Scott Brown ’74

  2. Once again, this is an astoundingly good album! And it has one of my two favorite dance band charts from my two years at VFMJC, The Way I Feel About You (the other one was Dreamsville).

    Thanks, Bruce, for sharing. And thanks, Dan, for putting these on the web for us all to enjoy!

  3. I’d be interesting to research the earliest years of the Band (not that I don’t have enough “science projects” bubbling already). I’m curious if there were even band captains, and indeed, drum majors in the earliest years. The video “The Past in Review,” or perhaps publication “On Parade” referenced the fact that Butch paid a band (assuming “adults”) at one stage of academy evolution, (and perhaps only a conductor). And who knows when the drum major made a first appearance. One imagines the this info exists somewhere in Academy annals, or in the remembrances of “seasoned” faculty still with us. Are Yearbooks kept in the Baker Library? I’d enjoy doing the legwork if I weren’t deep in the Missouri Ozarks. D Witter ’68 ’70

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