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Feltham Era Reunion in 2017 — 2 Comments

  1. Jan 30, 2017


    This “Budding BAND, SIR Reunion” idea obviously has taken off like a rocket !
    The continuing growth possibilities in what has always been a “VF BAND FRATERNITY”
    would be able to follow-up on what the Original (Jim Meckley ’64~ ’67) group superbly initiated
    by using the Philadelphia Area NEXT TIME GATHERING as a formative baseline. As more info on
    Bandies desiring regular annual assemblies is gathered, future Reunions M I G H T BE moved
    Westward; Example: Pittsburgh, Ohio, BRANSON (where MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT is @ a PEAK)
    ETC. so Bandies from all over the USA & Outliers would get an equal chance @ enjoying the
    Fraternal association w/ all available Bandsmen. Those locations could alternate w/ Philadelphia
    every other year if desired.

    For some of the “Youngsters”, $$$ could be a problem . . . those of us who have had the good fortune
    to build on our generous scholarship funded VF experiences clearly understand that De$ire Vs Capabilitie$
    would certainly help each other along the way by considering alternate locations as information may dictate.
    Essentially, “The VFMA Regimental Band Company” has some unique possibilities to not only join & extend
    common experiences . . . but may be able to help ID future Bandsmen/women in the process.

    These thoughts are futuristic, of course . . . BUT look back @ what this experience has done for all of us !!!
    Just some rambling thoughts from a former “Street Kid” who was fortunate enough to find a mentoring New
    Home via Major D K Feltham after I hitch-hiked from Pittsburgh to VFMA for an audition that changed my life,
    fortune & future FOREVER. The “BUTCH & Mae, along with VFMA benefited & each of us were afforded a
    new, fresh chance @ life . . . & the DUKE executed the marvelous plan of action that altered our lives fortunately,
    for a generally better quality of life circumstances.

    Again . . . a futuristic consideration, open to your thoughts & comments. “BAND, Sir !


  2. As the Regiments Chair of the Alumni association, former Army Bandmens and Band Alumni class of 85
    I’m encouraging all Band Alumni to recruit talented youn people for the current Regiment Band; find them – talk to the families
    Tell them what being in the VF Regimental Band has done for you and what it can do for them. We have 10 – repeat 10 – full Tuitition Band Scholarships to give out to fine musicians with great character . Band Alumni – leave a Legacy. Don’t Sewell on what was past – make the figure – invest in the figure VF Regimental Band.

    Each one of you hold a secret keys to success for some bright , talented , young person near you . Share your Legacy and help the current Band. Thanks for all you do for the FORGE


    Robin Lahiri 85

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