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  1. Dan, I have an original record called “A Community’s Tribute” and is a recording of our Band at Kennedy’s funeral procession in Philly. Do you have this recording? It’s been in my stereo cabinet for how many years? LOL

    • good evening! I have not heard of that one, but I would be absolutely delighted to added to the site, if you’re willing to part with it for a couple of’s going to have to wait a while because I don’t have a turntable here in Virginia, but in a month or so, I should have access to it again. Drop me a note, and I’ll add a calendar reminder how to get back in touch with you when I got my turntable again. Be well, and be safe out there!

  2. Thanks Dan for all the work you do on this fabulous website. My friends all enjoy the recordings when I send them. My son is Director of Music at Tennessee Tech University and always praises the quality of the recordings. This is Much Appreciated!!

    • Thanks, Jeff! It started out small but grew and now it’s a monster. LOL. Fortunately I enjoy the computer tinkering part, so maintaining this is very entertaining for me, though it does result in probably a little more down time than it ought to. Thanks again! Be safe out there.

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