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    • Good day! The reason there are none for that era is that I don’t have access to any of the recordings from that era. I was there from 71-76, and my recordings have been supplemented by other alumni who sent either digital files or vinyl. I’d be happy to add them if I had them.

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  1. Capt Ron Youngs (and Dan Wolfe) are the only reasons recordings of the Feltham-era are documented. I remember Ron going to incredible tech-detail to prepare for Thomas Hall recordings (and why his recordings are better than vinyl). It’s unfortunate if other vinyl recordings are not included in Bandsir.com. For example, I recall a VF vinyl recording of ex-Marine band soloist (VF college grad ’68) Tim Erdman playing an impossibly difficult solo, but no one has yet provided a digital file that Dan Wolfe can upload.

  2. From time to time records from earlier years come up on ebay and I purchased a couple. One titled Star Spangled Spectacular with T. Detwiler listed as a bugler, and one titled To the Men of Valley Forge that has a recording of a Pass in Review on one side. I’ve attempted to contact Dan a couple of times this year without success. I know he was in the process of moving back to Ohio, so….

  3. I agree with Mrs Leader concerning the earlier years. I have tried to get info and copies of the Faltham era. I was a 60’s JC and some of the concerts were just fabulous.

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