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  1. Received via email and reposted here:

    Dear Dan and Bruce,

    I retired as Director Of Admissions at VFMA having been over the 37 years Deputy Commandant of Cadets, Director Of Summer Camps, Registrar, and Tactical Officer Of A, and Headquarters Companies, and E Battery.

    My last year at 2nd mess formations I sat on the wall outside of Medenbach Hall and listened to the band. Now at age 89, just think of the pleasure that I received in having years of THE Band available once again.

    My best salute to all of you.

    Dick Artz “46”

    • I remember you distinctly as Lt Artz, Tac Co A, during my years playing trombone in the Regimental Band.
      Dave “Reggie” Shaffer
      Band ’55

  2. Hello Bruce,

    I’m listening to these cuts as I download them. Bruce, these are astoudingly good! And how in the heck did you guys play sax holding them the way shown in the photo in the back top right? I’m sorry we didn’t record a Dance Band record when I was there (graduated 76C with Dan Wolfe, Bill Manley, and Jeffrey Tobin among others), but we weren’t this good!

    Thanks for sharing your collection!
    Dave Getz
    Band, Sir!

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