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New Record Added – “Command Performance” — 4 Comments

  1. Great to see this email about the concerts. In “85” I lost all my albums and photo memories and have missed hearing the band. Command Performance was my favorite and often wished I could get a copy again. Now thankfully I will be able to enjoy Ed Gloss in his solo again. Thanks george

  2. Thank you, Dan! Anyone have any idea what year this album was released?

    I’ve downloaded this and all of the albums to my computer so I can play them any time. I have over 300 files and 22 hours of concert band, dance band, choir, and organ music. All remind me that all of us bandsmen made special music and had special opportunities. There were also some special musicians – especially in the earlier years. I’ve also noticed that Duke chose many numbers in multiple years.

    Band, Sir!

    Dave Getz 76C

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