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Spring 1974 Concert Posted — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks Dan – memories from the past. Thankfully the music has been preserved. Interesting to walk about campus these days and remember the parades we marched in as I see the current band march by. Kuncl Hall is gone and yes the band is in Hocker, but the cadets are still showing the pride instilled in us. Reading history the other day – the size of this years band is about the same size as the first band at VF!

    • Dear Dan

      This VFMAC Band music is such a treasured legacy.

      Thank you and all who helped. I was conscripted into the choir and glee club as a plebe and was head in my first-class year. We joined the band for many events and performances.

      I happened on Col Feltham and his wife at lunch near Lancaster, PA, shortly before he departed. A truly great man!

      Warm regards

      David W. Martin ’59

  2. Reminiscing and trying to locate some history on Kuncl Hall. I found your notes on Google.

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