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    • Hi Marty,

      Cobwebs for sure. Long time since we spoke. Hope all is well.

      I have been out of touch with VFMAC folks for a long time. Hope to reconnect with some, soon.

      A while back I came across BandSir and communicated with Dan Wolfe who was a plebe when I was an old man.

      Dan has done wonderful work on the website so all past and present bandies can enjoy some of the best music ever played.

      Hope we can catch up in the future.

      Jeff Christopher

  1. Wonderful! The way things used to be and still ought to be. Just four years after my time, but hadn’t changed much. Great movies like this keep us from focusing on the way things ae today. Thanks a million for sharing, Jeff. I did see a number of parades and concerts those years—band was outstanding. As I recall, Euphs and other lower bross were very strong in those days. Reminded me of Bill Daggett and Bob Scannapieco from my band.

  2. Hi Hugh,
    Glad you enjoyed these flicks. These, along with another dozen or so family reels, sat in my garage for years. Surprised they didn’t deteriorate after all that time.
    Finally had them converted to digital so I could find out what was on them.
    There was one with my ex wife which I promptly destroyed!!
    Several of my old high school band which was pretty good in its own right.
    Thanks again,
    Jeff Christopher

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